[SKYRIM] KPOP inspired Mid-length Hair (SONAMOO’s Euijin MOD)

I cant believe that it took me too long to realize that I can just edit textures to make long hair shorter.

Anyways, here is a Texture edit I made based on EUIJIN, SONAMOO’s Main Dancer. (Know more about sonamoo here) (Watch SONAMOO Music Videos HERE)

Now, Ain’t she a goddess? ❤

The hairstyle is based from her “I Like U too much” look. Please listen to this song as it will cleanse your sins.

I don’t really like those overly long hair so using this made my character) more fit for battles. (Yes, yes. I do use Immersion breaking mods but hey! To each their own.)

The textures aren’t super HQ since I just erased some parts of it. Well, as long as the in-game result is fine, it should be okay, no?

OFFICIAL 3D Render 2018


Looks good with other colors too.

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE! Video will be uploaded on Youtube within this week. Stay tuned! 😀

Current Downloads: 22 (as of 1/14)


Instructions: Please install the SG Hair Pack first then manually copy the DDS file to the “SGHairs” folder.

If you use MOD organizer, it should look like this:
C:\ModOrganizer\mods\SG\textures\SGhairs (Place the DDS file inside this folder and replace)

Please support SONAMOO! ❤

Credits to the owner of the original MOD. I wasn’t able to locate who originally made the pack so I thought it would be best to not include any of the files.



Happy Pet Story: 2018 UPDATE (New Content!)

Happy pet story - android - ios - review - sevpoots

♡  MY FRIEND ID is 206685  ♡

Hello pet parents! It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about Happy Pet Story. This post here is actually my most viewed post.

(19,000 views since 2015 wtf) 

So I would like to thank everyone who helped me reach that milestone 🙂 Please expect more post about happy pet story since I plan to make a post that contains all Hairstyles, Clothes, Etc.

If you have images of any hairstyles you own , please send it to sevryanbadiong@yahoo.com so I can add them here. Hairs have at least 2 recolors so please do help me so we can have a full gallery . Kansahmnida!

Last updated: 12/19/2017 8:55AM

Sevpoots - sev badiong - did you know banner

✎ Current Version of the Game is 2.0.5

✎ Apparently, The Official Page of the game does not specify and new additions to the game during updates. All they write is “Bug fixes” or “Please enjoy new updates”.  This post should at least provide a comparison between the Original 2015 version and the new 2018 version we have right now.

✎The game actually had a hiatus almost a year ago where it went with no app updates at all for 5-6 months. I was actually scared since I did not want this game to die so I was relieved when I checked and it has been now updated last December. ツ

✎I did not know that there are Event or Time Specific Items until I came across this page. I missed some of the events so much TT. I was able to view like notices on the big banner on the left most side of the town but I did not notice any change in the store items that were being sold. If you have any other info about this, do let me know. ✍



Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (3)


1★ ) BALLOON POP = Easily the most tiring game out of all. No matter how many touch points your phone has, it is really difficult to tap all balloons using all your fingers. I placed my phone flat on a surface and the game recognizes only one touch point at a time. The same also applies to the “FEVER!” Mini-game below:

Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (1)

FEVER BAR increases with Level. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (4)

Would you risk that 3403 Diamond Wig?

2★ ) ROCK , PAPER , SCISSORS = This game is all about pure luck. Nowhere in the game or online tells us how we are gonna win this. So to prevent your most beloved items from being chosen, place all your favorite items in your home and never ever carry them in your inventory.


❂~ TIPS and TRICKS 2017~❂

For Previous Tips and Tricks (2015 Version) , please click here.

✪ Faster Harvesting and Planting:

Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (5)

Personally, I think doing this is just a waste of time. At max you can only earn 20+ coins every 5 mins or so.


✪ Save Inventory space by delaying gifts retrieval:

Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (6)

I personally like the feeling of collecting heaps and heaps of rewards. ✌


✪ Play the Wheel of Fortune every 4 Hours (Internet connection Required):

Happy Pet Story GIF Mini game crop sevpoots free diamonds (2)

TBH, the prizes are shit. ✘


✪ Store Essential or items you love inside your home. NEVER bring them since all Neighbors will ask for items currently in your inventory. Items worn will not be used in Mini-games.




♛ Will be updating this post REGULARLY SO STAY TUNED ♛

Change log:

☑ 12/19/2017 – Added new GIF images, Updated “Tips and tricks” and Mini-games section, Added In-game PET and FRIEND ID



Sacred Gold MOD: Seraphim Hair Ombre Collection!



Click image for HD Goodness!

DIA's Chaeyeon is the inspiration for this mod <3

DIA’s Chaeyeon is the inspiration for this mod ❤




-8 Delicious flavors available
-Changes all the Seraphims in game
-You can only choose one at a time
-Created for the Sera to fit with the latest trends
-I tried to recreate Harley quinn but the textures are mirrored so both of the pigtails would have red or blue only
-Textures arent perfect but ingame they look sweet 😉
Mod Was completed on: Dec 19, 2016


Put The Pak Folder onto your Sacred Directory and Play 😛











Sacred MOD: Seraphim Hair Ombre Collection!

Thanks For Downloading!


Sacred Gold MOD: Avalon’s Pride



Click on image for full size

Sacred MOD: Avalon’s Pride
(NOTE: Don’t Misinterpret this with my Street Fighter 4 : Chun Li MOD – Avalon’s Pride)

Thanks For Downloading!
I was working on this for 5 Months, But at least once a month for an Hour. So a total of 5 Hours.
I Just Got Lazy Sometimes. But good thing it was XMas and I was able to Finish it!



•Completely Retextured her “Sereish Set” Excluding her Helm(I Can’t think of any Design and I Love Sera’s Bangs BTW)
•New Sereish Sword texture
•Her Sereish Shield is Now Rinoa’s Shooting Star Weapon From Final Fantasy VIII
•Changed Sereish Belt with Daemoness Belt
•Changed Several Skill Particles to Match with the MOD:
-Light Shield
-Light Strike
-Strength of Faith
•Changer Her Status From a Blonde onto a Brunette ^^


Put The Pak Folder onto your Sacred Directory and Play 😛


I Just wanna Say I LOVE HER WINGS! It looks CUTE! If Only She Could Fly. Bummer.
Please Don’t Edit the Textures and Upload it as Your Own.

SacredWiki/Viki – For Putting me in His/Her YT Channel and being so Reliable :))
Anjel Rogal – For Being My Best Friend in Sacred UW And the Most Grateful PERSON ON THE INTERNET! =))
Myself – For being me, And wasting my time to make this

Mod Is Finished at Exactly:
December 30,2010
1:03 P.M

More Mods Here:


[SOLVED] SACRED Gold low FPS on Intel HD Video Cards

Hi!  I managed to increase my Sacred GOLD FPS up to 60fps!

Here are my laptop specs ( I have an Intel HD4000 GPU)


At first, I only get 40fps max when fully zoomed in and 10fps max when fully zoomed out.

I Even asked the Darkmatters forum for a fix but no one seems to have the answer.

After a few tweaking sessions, I was able to play the game at 60fps will all settings at high.

Go to your Intel HD Graphics controller and set the Refresh Rate to 60p hz


After that, go to the 3D settings and follow the settings as shown on the image below:


Save the profile and try to use fraps. Run the game and you can now get a max of 6ofps!

I actually doubted this since I assumed these settings won’t do sh*t, but hey… 😉

Also, If you have the Dead or Alive Last round PC game, this settings needs to be changed as you will get an error at startup ^^

Please spread and let everyone know 😀

I would try to upload a video but meh… 😛