Sacred Gold MOD: Avalon’s Pride



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Sacred MOD: Avalon’s Pride
(NOTE: Don’t Misinterpret this with my Street Fighter 4 : Chun Li MOD – Avalon’s Pride)

Thanks For Downloading!
I was working on this for 5 Months, But at least once a month for an Hour. So a total of 5 Hours.
I Just Got Lazy Sometimes. But good thing it was XMas and I was able to Finish it!



•Completely Retextured her “Sereish Set” Excluding her Helm(I Can’t think of any Design and I Love Sera’s Bangs BTW)
•New Sereish Sword texture
•Her Sereish Shield is Now Rinoa’s Shooting Star Weapon From Final Fantasy VIII
•Changed Sereish Belt with Daemoness Belt
•Changed Several Skill Particles to Match with the MOD:
-Light Shield
-Light Strike
-Strength of Faith
•Changer Her Status From a Blonde onto a Brunette ^^


Put The Pak Folder onto your Sacred Directory and Play 😛


I Just wanna Say I LOVE HER WINGS! It looks CUTE! If Only She Could Fly. Bummer.
Please Don’t Edit the Textures and Upload it as Your Own.

SacredWiki/Viki – For Putting me in His/Her YT Channel and being so Reliable :))
Anjel Rogal – For Being My Best Friend in Sacred UW And the Most Grateful PERSON ON THE INTERNET! =))
Myself – For being me, And wasting my time to make this

Mod Is Finished at Exactly:
December 30,2010
1:03 P.M

More Mods Here:

Feel Free!

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