FIESTAR’s We Don’t Stop T-Shirt + KPOP Reviews and Updates

My First Ever KPOP T-Shirt! iku iku iku~

For P149, I got This:


I Just added a little ‘Touch’ to the LOGO XD

The Next thing I need to buy is Their ALBUMS! ❤

UPDATE: I Will be purchasing FIESTAR’s CURIOUS album and will be receiving in on October 3. I Can’t Wait!

I’ll be putting up my Review for FIESTAR’s ONE MORE Soon (When I get the time). I’m thinking of making it a 3-Part review. You know, One Review each discussing the SONG, MV and CHOREO. Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe I will. Yeah. I’m also going to make some new GIF’s for my Reviews so this will take some time. 🙂

While waiting , why not read my past Reviews:


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-Cao Lu


Happiness Charge! Precure: ENDING Theme Review

happiness_charge_cure_lovely_cure_princess (3)Choose your fighter!!

I’ve Read that Happiness Charge! Precure is the 10TH installment of the precures and many are hyped because every week, a past cure will be doing a congratulatory speech (about 10 seconds) before the Opening song. We already Had Cure Black. So expect your favorite Precure to appear after doing the math. 🙂 Well, is your Happiness Charged?! Well I can Say that mine is! Let’s go to the Review: Continue reading


Happiness Charge Precure : Form Changes + TV-Size OP Preview

With February 2 coming near faster than you can say “Happiness Chajii~!”, TOEI Has released all the form changes of the new Precure Installment: HappinessCharge Precure.

Which One do you like the Most?

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