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New Version is up ! Will Make a New Review for this and the following updates in the future 😀

What’s New in Version 1.0.3

* Increased level cap to 40
* Added more items for shop randomization
* Added Health Bar (Appears when you eat something)
* Fix some clothing bugs where you cannot put on pants for some coats.
* Reduced Home Point Calculation
* Fix Fairytale quest bug
* Fixed misc bugs.

Omona~ This game has quenched my Everlasting thirst for a “Pet Society-ish” Kind of Game(And it’s on mobile too!).

Ever since I heard the new about Pet Society Closing, I was heartbroken. I spent lots of time creating 10 FB Accounts just to give my main account gold boxes (Yah I’m greedy xD)

Thank you Happilabs / Happy Labs for creating this Gem ❤

Never spent more than 2 hours on a Cutesy Kids game before (Trust me on this. This game has more grind quests than any iOS game I’ve played.)

Onto the Main Review! (Please Download it Now while reading :D)

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (2)

Gameplay: 4.5/5
It Really feels like Pet Society for Mobile Phones. Only Difference is that the town is in a 2D Plane and all movement is restricted to left and right (Inside Houses/stores and Outside)

When I first started Playing, I did not know what to do. The tutorial was somehow lacking and after that you were left to discover things on your own. Moving Outside your house is a pain I tell you.
Whenever you press something on the screen your pet rushes to it (Unless it is hungry) and sometimes when you press near a door to a house or shop, it automatically goes inside.This is not good especially as everything outside resets when you leave and come back (Those Rare Lucky Clovers T.T)

That is my only gripe. I hope they make the movement easier(?). Sometimes it gets annoying like when you just want to poke a butterfly, what happens is you accidentally enter the cafe, etc.
Other than that, Overall gameplay is Perfect. Never experience lag on my Ipod Touch 4th Gen. (Which made me love it even more lol)

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (1)

Lol What a ripoff

Music and Sound FX: 5/5

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (3)

Add me and gift me furniture plz ツ

The Music/Sound effect can all be summed up in one word: “D’awwwwwwwwwww~”
Like really, every time I play the Minigames I get so excited to here the “1 – 2 – 3 GO~!” voice in a childish cutesy way (The good kind not the cringey kind)
The Music Minigame which plays like O2Jam/Audition also offers unique and excellent quality audio. Usually in mobile games the music are just in 8-bit/LQ etc. But in Happy Pet story,The music sounds like it came from the recording studio.

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (1)

These are the songs included (That I can remember from the top of my head):
-Baa Baa Black Sheep or Twinkle Little Star (I just found out that these two are basically the same. Where have I been all my life>)
-Happy Birthday
-The American Graduation song (?)
-That one song (Whose name I forgot) that sounds like Mozzart or sumthing
-A song that consists mainly of drums
-A Metal song
-A Samba Song

I forgot the names of some but they are recognizable at first listen.
There is also a song that sounds REALLY REALLY REALLY FAMILIAR. I am 100% sure that is an american song. I’ll update this after a few listens.

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (10)

Very Nice Addition to the game 😀

Update: After Playing some more, I can confirm that there are more than 15 Different Music Tracks for that Minigame.

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (4)

“Scorpionfish” A.K.A the NOPE

Content: 10/5 (It’s my blog so it is allowed :P)

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (4)

No “.!.” ? HAHA

Now This is the best part. I Have never seen such content in a mobile “pet simulation” game before (And this was just released two weeks ago??). Yes, the shop only sells 3 items at first but it increases every Level up. (For a Price though)
Now I am Level 23 and each shop has at least 4-5 New items in stock every 4 hours.
One tip in shopping is that you need wifi. Don’t believe me? Go Play it yourself. 😉

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (5)

LOL did not know this until Level 20. (I am stupid)

The Clothes are plenty although most of the items I got are for female (I’ve only seen a few Male Specific items while playing). Also, each specific shirt/skirt/tops/etc has at least 2-3 RECOLORS. I got a green, pink and blue Vest just today 😛

What this game lacks is a good amount of wigs or hairstyles. There are like 10 in total (both male and female combined)
There is one NPC named “Sarah” which has this uberly cute hairstyle I want to get hold of. (Please happilabs, If you have read this please make more hairstyles T.T)

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (6)

No Time to carry 100+ Apples.

Other than dressing up your happy pet, there are a handful of things you could also do:
✪ Fishing: Seems pretty basic. What makes me come back for more is that different fish are caught randomly and each has their own “Appearance Time”.
✪ Farming: Same with fishing. At Level 23 , I Only have access to Two (2) Types of Plants. The Coin and the Star. The Coin Plant costs 1 gold and you can harvest it for 2 gold
while the Star plant gives XP. This seems useful at start because I reached level 10 easily just by filling the crops with Star Plants.

Did I mention you level up so DAMN EASILY in this game? I have just played for three days and I am at Level 23 already.
✪ Quests/Minigames: Your usual “Deliver to X” / “Bring me Item Z” / “Catch more fishes” .

The Unique Quest/Games are the:
“Visit X NPC at 00:00 Time”,
“Wear this Set of Clothing (Rocker,Cultural,Fancy,Etc.)
“Music Rhythm Game”.

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (3)


Even with the abundance of things to do, I still feel it needs MOAR. After an hour of playing it feels very Grind-y but on the other hand, You don’t need to Pay Real money to advance in the game as Diamonds and Gold are Rewarded generously. Even by poking the chicks you may get a diamond. Heck even talking to the NPC will give you a Diamond (30% of the time for me).

What this Game needs is more Mini-Games/Unique quests/Hairstyles and clothing.

The Decorations are already enough but the more the merrier 🙂
Also, The only House items that you can interact with is a Lamp or any object that affects the lighting, Chairs, Beds and Tables (Go to your friends house and try clicking on their table with food)

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (9)

My Pet had enough of this shit.

Graphics: 5/5

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (7)


It is Pet Society on Mobile. ‘Nuff said.
There is just one thing that bugs me. It is always day time when fishing. Well, No harm done.

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (8)

Also forgot that we can move crops until Level 20 xD

Overall Score: 4.9/5
This Game is near to perfection. If they add more( more = 100 New clothing , 100 New Furniture , 100 New Hairstyles) content it will be my Game of The Year ❤

✔ Pros:
☑No lag and fast start-up
☑ Needs wifi for at least 2 quests only (The one where you need to visit X number of Townies and the one where you need to bring an NPC their requested Item)

✘ Cons:
☒Lack of any Storyline (Not mandatory though :>)
☒Needs more Unique Quests
☒Very Grind-y at higher levels ( Do quest -> Sow Plants -> Eat Apple -> Rinse and Repeat)
☒Moving around is sometimes very Tedious. Especially outside your house.

*BONUS* My Favorite Role-Playing Getup:

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (12)

She Needs Fresh Blood

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (11)

I Used ten filters for this image

Happy-Pet-story-Ios-Android-Review-Game-Pet-Simulation-Happilabs-Bunny-Customization-clothes-hairstyles-hacks-cheats-tips-guides-tricks (13)

“OMG I is so Ugly (Compliment me plz)”

Thanks for Reading! ♥ Now onto some Tips/Tricks/”Did you Know?”:

Sevpoots - sev badiong - did you know banner

*NEW* When you play the Rock-Scissors-Paper Game, Whenever you win with Rock, the next game you will win with Scissors then with Paper. (From FB Page XD)

*NEW* ★At Level 35+ You can now see birds flying and when you tap them, they can Poop!

*NEW* When selling items, sell them to their Respective shops as the NPC’s offer more money. For Example you sold a Flower vase for 200 at the Clothes shop, you could have received 300 Gold from the Furniture shop if you would have sold it there and Vice versa

That Every Time The Clock on your Phone Reaches 1:00 – 12:00 AM/PM a “School bell” Tune Will Play for about 10 Seconds.
I Can confirm this as I was playing last night, A tune suddenly played out of nowhere. I ran around the town to check and I suddenly pressed the Home button and the Time shows as 10:00PM. I Found it weird and creepy at first But I just brushed it off. Then after some time of playing the Tune replayed again! I checked the Time and it was 11:00PM! I like this addition to the game very much 🙂

That all the clocks decorations are functional and will be the same with the time on your phone.
I thought it was just some random position but I noticed it was different every time I went inside my house. +1 for the devs

Crops Can be Sowed all at once.

Clothing (actually almost everything in your inventory) can be placed outside/inside your house.
This is a good tip for saving Inventory space.

The Rock Paper Scissors Game only requests the items you currently hold.
So when doing quests, the best thing to do is to carry apples only xD

Fish are not 100% Month Specific (Not sure but for me I guess lol)
I’m at 70% Completion of the Fish Album. The Fisherman NPC states that some fish can only be found on certain months/time.
Heck I almost got every species in one sitting.

Items on the ground Stack.
Goodbye to Cluttered floor with 1000 Apples 😛 ->UPDATE: Fruits can only stack up to 99

Birds, Butterflies, Insects, Chicks Can be killed
..For Some Gold. (Eeeeeeeeeeeeevil)

To Move Crops just press on a desired crop until the Arrow meter reaches the top.

Quest Rewards are stored in a separate Mail Box.
This is super fun and handy at the same time. The Devs are very smart ^_^. I once cleared about 20 Quests and got awarded with lots of items + gold. Before I press the “Claim All” button , I first cleared my inventory of those rubbish Fish Wall Decorations. When I was ready, I pressed it and I L-O-V-E Loved how each items makes
a “Swoosh!” sound when being claimed. I do this because it makes me feel like I was actually rewarded (Even though the items I received were all green apples).

Double Tapping on An NPC’s Face will make them –> (>,<). (No other animations that I know of)

Whenever you are outside and you hear a “Twinkle-ish” sound, a Lucky Clover (Used for FEVER) will be available at any random spot.
I suggest you move around to find it as when you reach higher levels, filling up the FEVER METER (That actually sounds catchy) takes x10 LONGER.

You can click the Icons of the NPC’s (Found at the Top of the Screen) For Fast Travel.

Items may be Dropped by a Balloon when Popped ; Fish-Specific Items may be Found when Fishing

You can play as Cubone (+100 Points to the OC)

Every Time you Level up, a plant starts to grow into a tree.
Now that I am Level 23, I have 3 Apple Trees and a new Tree can be found near the Train Station. Maybe when I reach the next level it will start bearing fruits(Or money/Diamonds. One can wish)

Magic Mirror Unlocks at Level 22 or 23 (Can be found at the Salon)
Good For those who like Changing Clothes every two seconds.

Rare/Unique Fish has more chances to appear / be caught in the Fishing Battle with the NPC
Not Sure if true but I Discovered 3 New Fish in one Game. Maybe it’s just luck. Who Knows.
UPDATE: Played a New Fishing Battle and I discovered 2 New Species. So, It’s safe to assume that this theory is true?

Well, That’s All I can think of. Will add more when I encounter them.
Thanks for Reading! Please share and Rate the App 5 Stars!


22 thoughts on “Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game Review / Tips and Tricks / Fun Facts

  1. You didn’t explain how to ‘gift each other’ that you mentioned at the end…I like gifts!!!
    ~Gigi, currently #53 on the deli board


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  3. Please make the items we buy for the pets interactive. The pets just stand there or flip the items over. Make the game more interactive. Like make the pets actually swing on the swing, not just sit. Or have the pets cook instead of just standing by the stove. And maybe make the pets be interactive. Like the birds in the bird cage could at lease chirp.


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