Sacred Gold MOD: Seraphim Hair Ombre Collection!



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DIA's Chaeyeon is the inspiration for this mod <3

DIA’s Chaeyeon is the inspiration for this mod ❤




-8 Delicious flavors available
-Changes all the Seraphims in game
-You can only choose one at a time
-Created for the Sera to fit with the latest trends
-I tried to recreate Harley quinn but the textures are mirrored so both of the pigtails would have red or blue only
-Textures arent perfect but ingame they look sweet 😉
Mod Was completed on: Dec 19, 2016


Put The Pak Folder onto your Sacred Directory and Play 😛











Sacred MOD: Seraphim Hair Ombre Collection!

Thanks For Downloading!


Sacred Gold MOD: Avalon’s Pride



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Sacred MOD: Avalon’s Pride
(NOTE: Don’t Misinterpret this with my Street Fighter 4 : Chun Li MOD – Avalon’s Pride)

Thanks For Downloading!
I was working on this for 5 Months, But at least once a month for an Hour. So a total of 5 Hours.
I Just Got Lazy Sometimes. But good thing it was XMas and I was able to Finish it!



•Completely Retextured her “Sereish Set” Excluding her Helm(I Can’t think of any Design and I Love Sera’s Bangs BTW)
•New Sereish Sword texture
•Her Sereish Shield is Now Rinoa’s Shooting Star Weapon From Final Fantasy VIII
•Changed Sereish Belt with Daemoness Belt
•Changed Several Skill Particles to Match with the MOD:
-Light Shield
-Light Strike
-Strength of Faith
•Changer Her Status From a Blonde onto a Brunette ^^


Put The Pak Folder onto your Sacred Directory and Play 😛


I Just wanna Say I LOVE HER WINGS! It looks CUTE! If Only She Could Fly. Bummer.
Please Don’t Edit the Textures and Upload it as Your Own.

SacredWiki/Viki – For Putting me in His/Her YT Channel and being so Reliable :))
Anjel Rogal – For Being My Best Friend in Sacred UW And the Most Grateful PERSON ON THE INTERNET! =))
Myself – For being me, And wasting my time to make this

Mod Is Finished at Exactly:
December 30,2010
1:03 P.M

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[SOLVED] SACRED Gold low FPS on Intel HD Video Cards

Hi!  I managed to increase my Sacred GOLD FPS up to 60fps!

Here are my laptop specs ( I have an Intel HD4000 GPU)


At first, I only get 40fps max when fully zoomed in and 10fps max when fully zoomed out.

I Even asked the Darkmatters forum for a fix but no one seems to have the answer.

After a few tweaking sessions, I was able to play the game at 60fps will all settings at high.

Go to your Intel HD Graphics controller and set the Refresh Rate to 60p hz


After that, go to the 3D settings and follow the settings as shown on the image below:


Save the profile and try to use fraps. Run the game and you can now get a max of 6ofps!

I actually doubted this since I assumed these settings won’t do sh*t, but hey… 😉

Also, If you have the Dead or Alive Last round PC game, this settings needs to be changed as you will get an error at startup ^^

Please spread and let everyone know 😀

I would try to upload a video but meh… 😛


[SOLVED] Sacred Gold Graphics Glitch/Bug for Windows 7 or Vista (Intel HD graphics 4000)


I re-installed Sacred Gold and encountered a Glitch when I tried to run the game.

What I did is I updated my Graphics Driver and the Game now fully works!

Did not know updating Graphic Drivers ACTUALLY  does something (I never believed those “First update your blah blah chu chu thingies from forums before xD)

One more thing I did is I viewd the Control Panel for the Intel HD Graphics and I chose Quality over Performance in the 3D Settings tab. Just in case this won’t work, try tinkering with the other settings.

Haven’t found a solution for this so might as well make a post ^^

Windows 7/ INTEL HD Graphics 4000 / Core i3 / 2GB Ram  :)

 Version: SACRED GOLD 2.28 Eng

P.S Got bored with Sacred 2. I dunno, it doesn’t have the Magic (and animation quality) of the first game.


SACRED 2 MOD: Permanent Hair Color Tutorial for the SERAPHIM

PERMANENT Hair Color Tutorial For The Seraphim
I haven’t seen a guide for this so why not be the first? ^_~
I think everyone already knows how to change their female character’s hair color using the console. The problem is that it won’t be saved when you exit the game. Also, the colors will not be the the same with the colors you see/choose on the Web. I tried to use pink (#ff6666) but it came up as orange. This is due to the fact that the hair color of the seraphim is actually Yellow/Blonde/Whateva.
The SYS HAIRCOLOR command only adds the pink on top of the yellow or something like that
So if you want to achieve a more specific color, you should edit the “sera_hair2_do.dds” which can be found inside the graphics02.zip.
Edit it with GIMP (Best and easiest photo editor) and you can just use the colorize option to change it to whatever combination you like. See the pic below of my seraphim with Baby pink hair and Dark Pink (?) highlights :laugh:
 The Plaid Skirt is still a WIP haha :sun:
Just remember that when you do this, You will change ALL of the Seraphim’s hair in the game. That’s not a problem, right? :o
What I did so you won’t have to close-open the game, just edit the texture while the game is running and Press CTRL + F1 (I learned this thanks to SilverFox ) in-game and the textures will all be reloaded after a 2 second  lag.
To remove the mod, just delete the file.
The “sera_hair2_do.dds” should be inside these folder:
Low Quality Textures = D:\SACRED2\pak\lq\maps\heroes\seraphim
Med Quality Textures = D:\SACRED2\pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim
Then Play~!
I think this works for the other characters as well? Didn’t try coz The seraphim is all we Need #PigtailsFTW
For your Convenience, I uploaded a zip file containing the folder(s) and the “sera_hair2_do.dds” inside. Just place in the PAK folder,make a back up and edit right away~!