[SOLVED] Sacred Gold Graphics Glitch/Bug for Windows 7 or Vista (Intel HD graphics 4000)


I re-installed Sacred Gold and encountered a Glitch when I tried to run the game.

What I did is I updated my Graphics Driver and the Game now fully works!

Did not know updating Graphic Drivers ACTUALLY  does something (I never believed those “First update your blah blah chu chu thingies from forums before xD)

One more thing I did is I viewd the Control Panel for the Intel HD Graphics and I chose Quality over Performance in the 3D Settings tab. Just in case this won’t work, try tinkering with the other settings.

Haven’t found a solution for this so might as well make a post ^^

Windows 7/ INTEL HD Graphics 4000 / Core i3 / 2GB Ram  :)

 Version: SACRED GOLD 2.28 Eng

P.S Got bored with Sacred 2. I dunno, it doesn’t have the Magic (and animation quality) of the first game.


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