[SKYRIM] KPOP inspired Mid-length Hair (SONAMOO’s Euijin MOD)

I cant believe that it took me too long to realize that I can just edit textures to make long hair shorter.

Anyways, here is a Texture edit I made based on EUIJIN, SONAMOO’s Main Dancer. (Know more about sonamoo here) (Watch SONAMOO Music Videos HERE)

Now, Ain’t she a goddess? ❤

The hairstyle is based from her “I Like U too much” look. Please listen to this song as it will cleanse your sins.

I don’t really like those overly long hair so using this made my character) more fit for battles. (Yes, yes. I do use Immersion breaking mods but hey! To each their own.)

The textures aren’t super HQ since I just erased some parts of it. Well, as long as the in-game result is fine, it should be okay, no?

OFFICIAL 3D Render 2018


Looks good with other colors too.

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE! Video will be uploaded on Youtube within this week. Stay tuned! 😀

Current Downloads: 22 (as of 1/14)


Instructions: Please install the SG Hair Pack first then manually copy the DDS file to the “SGHairs” folder.

If you use MOD organizer, it should look like this:
C:\ModOrganizer\mods\SG\textures\SGhairs (Place the DDS file inside this folder and replace)

Please support SONAMOO! ❤

Credits to the owner of the original MOD. I wasn’t able to locate who originally made the pack so I thought it would be best to not include any of the files.



Cladun X2 MOD: DIA’s Chaeyeon from Mr.Potter

Hey guys!

Long time no post 🙂

I’m back with a new mod for the PSP game, ClaDun X2:

Download her here: DIA’s Chaeyeon from their MV for Mr.Potter!  *NEW* (August2,2017)

Mr. Potter has been on replay for me for more than 10 months now ❤

Watch their Music video here: