[SOLVED] SACRED Gold low FPS on Intel HD Video Cards

Hi!  I managed to increase my Sacred GOLD FPS up to 60fps!

Here are my laptop specs ( I have an Intel HD4000 GPU)


At first, I only get 40fps max when fully zoomed in and 10fps max when fully zoomed out.

I Even asked the Darkmatters forum for a fix but no one seems to have the answer.

After a few tweaking sessions, I was able to play the game at 60fps will all settings at high.

Go to your Intel HD Graphics controller and set the Refresh Rate to 60p hz


After that, go to the 3D settings and follow the settings as shown on the image below:


Save the profile and try to use fraps. Run the game and you can now get a max of 6ofps!

I actually doubted this since I assumed these settings won’t do sh*t, but hey… 😉

Also, If you have the Dead or Alive Last round PC game, this settings needs to be changed as you will get an error at startup ^^

Please spread and let everyone know 😀

I would try to upload a video but meh… 😛


Feel Free!

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