SMART ZTE MF65 Pocket Wifi 2015 (P1495) Review: EXTREME DOWNLOAD SPEED


Enough said. 😀

I bought this last week (January 15, 2015) and been happy ever since. Connection is stable and fast and this is the first time I’ve seen my download speed Reach 600Kb+ (I was like “Is this real life?”)

I Used the LTE unlisurf and it also works, But I got that 600Kb download speed by registering to the Unlisurf 500 for 15 days. (I also got free 300 txts hehe).

This is the Device + box I’m using

What are you waiting for? Buy now for only P1495!! ❤

The Device heats up when more than 4 Are connected and you are charging it at the same time. Also, don’t place it on top of your bed or anything that may conduct heat as you may die cause global warming.

Just to add, the download speed reached that high maybe because :
I’m the only one connected to the wifi (as of the moment )

It’s early morning (2:17AM)

– I’m at DAET, Camarines Norte (Pamorangon to be exact.) Which is a place with lots of trees and few establishments (Does this help internet speed ? >_<)

So, Yeah. BUY NOW! And Send me load bwahahha