HELLOVENUS “Wiggle Wiggle” REVIEW: 2015 Song of the year plz.


See the two tip-toeing members? xD

Like the what the title says, song of the year plz.

HelloVenus are getting a lot of Crap Lately. More Shit than what FIESTAR Got when they came back with the Best song of 2014.

No Music Video yet so here is a LIVE Perf and an MR Removed Video:


MV is HERE!!!1!one :

The Song: 8/10 Wiggles

DAEBAK. Super. Loved that Hip-hop intro and Lime’s EPIC Rap. Lime is one of those ‘IDOL’ Rappers that can sing and reach a high note (Don’t believe me? Watch Their DEBUT Song, VENUS)

I Miss the voices of Yoo Ara and YoonJo but at least the two new members are talented ❤

I noticed a lot of slut shaming on the comments section in their Live Perfs. They just mad they ain’t sexy like HV.

As usual, Lime Saves the song because she’s the queen with Lazer beams. (Not to mention she has apple hips xD)

HAHA! Everyone hates Seoyoung’s Line before the chorus kicks in. I L-O-V-E Luv it so much! Especially the Drum instrumental. Me and my other Kpop Friend kept on repeating that line wherever we go ^^

Jarauro ~ Sexy Sexy LUUUUUUUV xD

Let’s just wait for the Studio version to be released.

Though that one member they claimed that resembles suzy seems like an awkward addition to the group. She’s 18, right? Even though she’s legal, I still feel bad for her doing this concept. The other members were flawless and seems to be great at being sexy. +1 

Oh, Don’t forget that Chorus. Yooyoung and Nara may be lip syncing that part but I can understand them. Try doing the second part of the choreo (Where they are on the floor twerking) while singing.

The Choreo: Wiggle/Twerking Anthem Of the Year (10/10 Wiggles)

DAMN! I would kill for these kinds of songs ❤

It wasn’t Overly Sexy. It was Sensual and just RIGHT. *see FIESTAR’s One More.

-The Intro Was Great!

-The Verses Were Okay

-Pre-Chorus (Seoyoung’s infamous “SHOUTING” line) was cute >.<

The Chorus Dance and the Rap part of lime till the end are the best parts of the song. Really, go listen to the song and try not to dance along. If Only I could find a gif of my FAVORITE Part of the Dance.

At the video above, the Dance starts at 2:08 (during the “This club so packed” part)

I was like:

Hello Venus shits on all of your Faves Sexy videos.


 Now I wish the MV doesn’t disappoint when it gets released. Hey, it’s January 5 Already and Allkpoop hasn’t made a post about it yet. I haven’t been this excited since that FIESTAR teaser for I Don’t Know Came out.

FIESTAR-One-More-bubblegum-contest-2014-gif-caolu-jei-linzy-hyemi-yezi (3)

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