FIESTAR 7th member Officially Revealed + Member Profile

FIESTAR-Profile-Trivia-Facts-Sevpoots-Cao-luHAHA Aw yiss ❤

More info to be Released! Please Stay tuned! (Will update this post frequently lol)

SevPOOTS (A Trainee from LOEN for about a Month) is Now preparing to join the group. Please Support me…I mean Him! XD

UPDATE(s) will be Posted below:

sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (6)


sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (4)

No Video yet xD

sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (3) sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (2) sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (5) sevpoots-fiestar-memes-sev-badiong-caolu-ph-7th-member (1)

FIESTAR Watching “I Don’t Know” MV. (SevPOOTS wasn’t available that time due to his conflicting schedules.)

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (1)

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (7)

SevPOOTS with FIESTAR’s Linzy , Jei and Hyemi (And two random guys)

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (6)

From Channel FIESTAR ( I wasn’t given my headgear)

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (5)

Bae CaoLu holding a Picture of me because ❤

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (3)

Hyemi’s Ideal type Revealed!

FIESTAR-7th-member-SEVPOOT-sev-badiong (2)

Jei plz stahp!


Left to right: Linzy, Hyemi, yezi, SevPOOTS, Jei, Cheska and Cao Lu


SevPOOTS has Uploaded a New Selca from his Instagram

TRIVIA: SevPOOTS has featured in FIESTAR’s I Don’t know MV as a backup Dancer:


sevpoots-blog-of-random-shit (FIESTAR)

This is LEGIT.

sevpoots-blog-of-random-shit (FIESTAR-I-dont-knowss)

Please ignore the skin tone. The lighting was off.

sevpoots-blog-of-random-shit (fiestar-i-dont-know)

Unused Clip from FIESTAR’s I Don’t Know.

FIESTAR-One-More-bubblegum-contest-2014-gif-caolu-jei-linzy-hyemi-yezi (3)

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