FIESTAR ‘CURIOUS’ Physical Album REVIEW (With Pictures)

I’m so Happy with this Purchase that I’m planning on buying We Don’t Stop too! ❤


I look like BTS’ Jin. XD #SorryNotSorry

Thank God My Album Arrived Already! I really Love how the Seller even added some candies to the Package.

So Nice of her! ❤

(Click Images for HD goodness xD)

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (21)

So thoughtful of her.

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (22)

I was expecting toblerone but this will do haha

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (20)Review and Pictures after the jump!

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (23)


My Cousin asked me why was the Guy staring at the UFO. LOL I said that it was a skirt and the guy was ‘CURIOUS’. She smirked and said “KPOP is crazy” 😀

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (24)

BACK VIEW (Sealed)

I was expecting more from the back but knowing me, anything FIESTAR will always be great 🙂

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (25)

Left: PhotoBook // Right: CD

Too Bad that the Photobook is Glued to the Album. Well, It makes sense though as the Album’s Theme is a Children’s Story book. (yeah, little boys looking up at a UFO-Skirt is for children. LOL Loen and their Uniqueness)

Also, The CD Design could have been better IMHO. They kept on recycling the skirt + Peeping boy. The Yellow should have been changed to Blue green (like the background of the album image) . Overall, this fits the RED-YELLOW-WHITE Theme of the Album so it’s fine by me ^_^

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (26)

Cover of PhotoBook.

I Love this. One of the more Original KPOP Photobook Designs. Reminiscent of those old, children’s book that you can find in your basement. For Example:

LOL The Book’s Name fitted so much with what I’m saying >_<

Stay Classy, Loen. 😉

CONCEPT Photos Part 1:

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (10)

Kween CaoLu is the only one allowed to sit. We all understand.

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (27)

I’m No JEI fan but She looks so stunning!

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (11)

Hyemi still wins for “BEST HAIRSTYLE in KPOP”

It’s a good thing that I did not order the SIGNED Album. It would have made these perfect pictures dirty. (I Don’t care if an album is signed or not. As long as I helped them by purchasing their goods.)

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (12)

The Image on the Right is for the Intro Song. Have you Heard it? If not, WHY?! I’m sure you would be bopping to it nonstop. Props to S.Tiger for making a Nursery rhyme into a Club Banger
FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (13)

The One on the right is for “Head,Shoulders, Knees and Toes” which is an equally great song that showcases CHESKA’s Singing Voice together with an EPIC Cao Lu bridge near the end. The one on the right is for the R.Tee Remix of I Don’t know. (Seriously, go listen to the full album)

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (14)

I have the same socks as Yezi LOL

CONCEPT Photos Part 2:

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (15)

No Bangs Linzy = NOPE.

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (16)


LOL the usual “Innocent” Concept. They could have done better.

We Need More RED Plaid Skirts and Red Plaid Bows!

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (17)

LAWL I Feel bad for Jei and Cheska though XD

FIESTAR-CURIOUS-ALBUM-Review-Contents-Scan-I-Dont-Know-unboxing (18)

No Romanization? T_T

The Last Page. Overall this Album is Great! One thing that was missing is a Free Poster or a Free Photocard of some sort. (VISTA has a photobook AND a free Poster. We Dont stop only has a poster but the entire CD was a photobook itself.)

P.S I don’t wanna risk scratching the CD so I will just put it on display….For now XD

SCORE: 10 out of 5 Red Plaid Skirts. ❤

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