T-ARA “SUGAR FREE” MINI Review: Generic T-ara Goodness

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (1)


Well, The song sounds decent. What can you expect From T-ara? 

The song would have been better

By living off The CHORUS alone.

(Thank God for KPOP Releases this year for Catchy Choruses).

That was the only part that didn’t cause my ears to bleed. The Intro Rap(?) sounds forced and The repetitions of some of the lines sounds jarring rather than being catchy. But the Chant-like parts (Before the Chorus. Boram sings this part, I think?) is bearable and actually memorable (unlike the rest of the song). Did I forgot to mention the Seizure-inducing Music Video?:

Yours Truly, CCM.

LOL The camera can’t even stay in place for a mere 0.5 seconds. They all look great though (Except for Soyeon. I don’t know, I just hate the bitch. No offense to the 7(?) Soyeon fans out there.)

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (Soyeon)

Soulless. She has an angelic voice so I have that going for me.

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (Qri)

The only member that seems to have never got her face done.

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (BORAM)

WTF? Did they just mess up Boram’s Face?

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (6)

Is The “Borders being anything but Black’ a Trend now? Look at FIESTAR’s One More MV and EXID’s Up And Down MV.

T-ARA-tara-SUGAR-FREE-Review-gif-hd- (5)

Ticket One way~ Ticket One way!

Overall Score: 3 Out of 5.

Song Could have been better. I was waiting for some LOVEY DOVEY and or Roly Poly but this would have to suffice. If the chorus wasn’t there I wouldn’t have actually finished the whole song/MV. Oh ! Who noticed that some parts sound like NUMBER9 and Sexy Love? Well, I Did. 

Waiting for a Dance Practice to see If the Choreo is worth it.

BTW, I Friggin’ love the Dance in the chorus together with the chorus chorus. Simple hip-swaying + Repetitive lyrics is a winning recipe for a KPOP song.


FIESTAR-One-More-bubblegum-contest-2014-gif-caolu-jei-linzy-hyemi-yezi (3)

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