EXID “Up and Down” Review: Alternative to FIESTAR’s One more (Which means it’s great)

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (3)

I was never a “FAN” of EXID before. Until I heard the News about 3 members leaving (The 3 are now in BESTiE). With that excuse, I looked up their releases and was disappointed at myself for not getting into this group Before. They are suer talented and their MV’s all look Professional.

Whoz that girl Was a decent debut and the ending chorus was magical.
I feel good was nice enough but It gets repetitive and boring from repeated replays.
Every night was just PERFECT! The Sensual song with the Sexy/Crazy/Funny (you know what scene this is ;D) MV was all in one hit.
Goodbye (From DASONI, a Sub-unit) was also a nice breakup song. I actually played this song when me and my boyfriend broke up and I broke down. :((

Also, I did not actually understand what EXID means. If you know, Please leave a comment. 🙂

Let’s go to the main review!:

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (15)

The Outfits and the style of the MV Reminds me of FIESTAR’s One more.

SONG: 9 out of 10

From start to finish, I kept singing along. This is one of those songs which no matter how many times you put it on repeat, it won’t get boring at all. From 3AM to 5AM this song was playing while I was on duty. Never even bothered to switch songs. I just love it that much. The “Wi Arae, Wi Wi arae” Hook will Hook you for days. It’s just that LE’s voice is somehow on the irritating side. Yes, she’s a great rapper but her voice sometimes make me cringe. But that doesn’t stop the song from exceeding expectations.

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (6)

Is that tongue piercing legit?!

Next up is Hani’s line. Where have I heard this before? The “bingeul Bingeul” part until her last line sounds familiar. I know I’ve heard it before. (What is it with KPOP and tunes that make you think lol). I also loved the instrumental in this part. I think I can hear some bubble effects (?) in the BG? Well, it fits and makes the song a lot better. The Chorus though, seems like it came from another song. I feel a “We Don’t Stop”  vibe from this. I can’t choose which Part is the catchiest. LE’s “Wi Arae” , Hani’s line or the chorus. Each one of them sounds unique and nice in their own way. There is not one part in the song that isn’t great. This has got to be their best CB yet (Well, for me anyways).

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (7)

She’s perfect *_*

Choreo: 7 out of 10

Female Hip Thrust. Yeah

The Choreo could have been more ‘Energetic’. The transitions from one place to another looks lazy as they just walk to their places and do the next step. I want FIESTAR’s One more style of Choreography (Really, Go watch the Dance practice for One more. How the hell can they dance in heels?). The Dance for the chorus was sloppy. It could have been better by 100%. If the song wasn’t catchy, I wouldn’t have memorized or even paid attention to this comeback. Still, I had fun dancing the Hip thrust move during the Hook. 🙂

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (17)

She’s a cutie but in their LIVE perfs she makes scary facial expressions ..


EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (9)

LOL It’s FIESTAR’s I don’t know all over again haha

Musi Video : 7 out of 10

Without knowing the english lyrics, I did not understand any scene in the video except for the Up and down parts. It’s like they wanted to be artistic and shit so they included all kinds of props they could think of. It’s colorful enough to be considered as eye candy and HANI is really making me love her. Who wouldn’t?

Credits to grey-nim.blog for this SEXY GIF!

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (10)

LOL this scene actually made me LOL

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (12)

That Raw emotion~

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (4)

Hani >>>>>>> Your Faves. (Except Cao lu)

Credits to grey-nim.blog for this CUTE GIF!

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (8)

HANI is enjoying that Di–Balloon.

And did anyone notice this? What the hell is DEVIDED supposed to mean LOL.

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (14)

They got the other words correct except this one. And ‘Page 1’? There’s like 1 piece of paper on that board or whatev you call that shit.

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (18)

Solji be like “Duuuuuuuuh?” (Did she get surgery though?)


This Image will give you a short summary on how I feel about this song:

EXID-up-and-down-review-hani-solji-junghwa-LE-comeback-lyrics-gif (2)

HANI approves.



-The Verses, The Raps, The Chorus, EVERYTHING! ❤



-CHOREO could have been better

-MV was weird yet entertaining. Like the dance, could have also been improved.

FIESTAR-One-More-bubblegum-contest-2014-gif-caolu-jei-linzy-hyemi-yezi (3)

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