Littlest Pet Shop Android/iOS Review: LOP Rabbit saves this game.

You know the feeling of visiting a relative’s house and luckily, they have strong wifi connection?Well I DO! I spent about 6 hours Downloading games and apps from Playstore about farming and simulation. Most of them require internet connection all the time and I think that’s a load of bullcrapshit.

(Farming games should be played with or without internet.)

I’ve been a fan of gameloft, for about 6 years now, as I was playing their games on my
Old Nokia phone (java = my life.). I miss games like Miami/las vegas/ParisNew York nights.

Anyways, Here is my Review of Gameloft’s Littlest Pet Shop.

For a short Review:

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (11)

You can’t deny homie.

Be Warned. You will see lots of Promotions for Kween Loppy The Lop Rabbit of Cuteness Overload zing zzing.

Gameplay: 8 Kibble out of 10 Blings

I Loved how Our Pets are in 3D! The way kibble is easily earned and easily spent will keep you coming back for more. Literally. The Colors are bright and the loading time is fast. But you need to download about 150mb of data first . So you really need wifi for the first run of the game then you can Play offline as long as you want. Everything is Perfect until you actually start “PLAYING”. Here is the list of things I kinda hate about this game:

How do we move buildings? I want all houses together and Playhouses at the end.

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (9)Gifts are pretty useless. You can’t fully zoom to see the shit out of it.

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (7) Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (6)

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (4)
-The Dog,Lizard/Panda/BrownSquirrel-thingy all say the same quotes. Layzee
Very Few Accessories. About 10 combined ( Some pets share the same wearable accessories)
Few MiniGames. The Ball game is So much fun especially when fighting the Unbeatable AI of your pet XD

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (1)
-I wish we could at least control a single pet. When your done feeding them, there’s nothing left for you
to do except pick-up trash and click on building for 1 coins.

-QUESTS. Some Most of the quests heavily rely on Bling. Well, Bling bling motherfucker I’m Poor.

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (2)-The Unique pets cost bling. Only a Few, let’s say–HALF OF THE ROSTER. This is how I feel when opening the shop:

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (10)

Not able to earn hearts until you go online. Welp

Bling is very hard to obtain. Spend it until you earn it. I Spent my first 20 on unlocking the Lop Rabbit because of Course:

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (15)

Now the things I like are:
Graphics are Excellent. Period.
-5 Colors for your Pets. (Most of them are shit though see: Dalmatian)
-You are awarded Bling when you’ve accomplished something notable, like having 50 Pets in your street.
The Husky is a Hunk. YumYum I wanna get in the game and get me some of that action.

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (5)
Lop Rabbit is pure Perfection and should be Elected for President. But look at how the Lop BUNNY (they are different) looks:

When you unlock the lop bunny, share on facebook and add this to your post: #JusticeForLopBunny2014

SFX/Music: 3 Unlocked Pets out of 5

It has a great tune. See how I used “IT”. There is only one BG Music in the whole game. layzee
The Voices of the pets are Cute but like the BG Music, very repetitive. I forgot that the animations are fluid but
repetitive to. Try Clicking your pet. They would just Stand up . Try again and they would do it again.
Just keep pressing so your pet won’t sit down. Punish them for what Gameloft did.

Replayability: 8 Treats out of 10 cupcakes
Awards should have actual awards. We only get a confirmation that we Unlocked something. Like we don’t know that already.
but I’m kinda going away from the fact that this game is targeted at young girls.

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (3) Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (8)
Unlocking the other colors of your pets is fun. But when you completed them all. What do you do now?
we wait for more updates from the developer:

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (12)

Overall the Game is Great. I’m just worried after I unlocked everything, there would be nothing left to do.
The Only reason I’m always happy playing this is because of her:

Littlest-Pet-Shop-Android-iOS-Review-Lop-Rabbit-SEVPOOTS (13)


Thanks for reading! I forgot to say that the Lizard/BrownSpiky said to the panda she is Fat. I was like “Fuck you bitch I

Ain’t feeding you for a month.” And I was sad that Main Characters can’t die. Sad day for me and Pennie(?) the panda.

Please Share ! Lop Rabbit should be elected for President!


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