[EXPLOIT] Happy Street: FLOOZ and GOLD (Working as of JUNE 06,2018)


Unlimited Flooz for Everybody YAY!


12/4/2017 Changed title and some edits



I’ve figured this exploit about two months ago. Just to lazy to male a post on how to share it with you guys. But it’s summer and I’ve got nothing to do with my cheap-ass laptop  which is good for playing Sacred Underworld,playing videos and typing shit.

Anyway, Let’s start exploiting Happy street with this simple Tutorial, your Flooz and gold will always stay the way it is without decreasing. 🙂

NOTE: This is not an Unlimited Flooz/gold hack, We have to make do with your current flooz on hand. You can exploit earning of flooz by reading my other post—soon.

-Happy Street should be installed on the SDCARD
-File Explorer/manager on your Android phone

Note: I used my computer in demonstarting as my phone is also cheap and unrooted so I can’t take some screenshots. You can use your phone or pc when doing this. I suggest use your phone so you can test right way yehey hey happy birthday.

Open file manager/explorer then open the Android folder

Open the data folder inside

Open the folder with the name “Godzilab.Happystreet”

Open the files folder

5th STEP:
Copy your current Profile.Dat to a new, backup folder.

What now? After making a backup of your Profile.dat, Run the game and spend every flooz/gold to upgrade you shops or anything your heart tells you to. Now that you are broke , go to your forest to ensure a successful save in your main street and exit the game there.

Now, go to your folder where you made a backup of the Profile.dat and paste it on top of the Profile.dat in the files folder.
When you run the game, your flooz and gold will be intact but all of your purchases will be present. Still don’t understand?

EXAMPLE for those who don’t get it 🙂

I have 300 flooz and I saved end exit the game. I copy my Profile.dat (which contains my save with the 300 flooz) to another
folder. I Play the game, buy a house that cost 90 flooz and pay 3 flooz to finish building it. So I have 207 flooz left.
I save and exit, go to the backup folder with my original Profile.dat (which contains my save with the 300 flooz) and replace the profile.dat (which contains my save with the 207 flooz) in the files folder with this one. When I play the game, my recently bought 90 flooz house is present and I still have 300 flooz left. Voila~ You may do this over and over to buy the Flooz items.

To Share my experience, I had 153 flooz because of another exploit (which I’m making now and will be posting it soon)
and  bought every Themed House there is by dong this exploit. I can say I’m Happy because the 3 Little pigs house is so damn cute while the 3 little fairy house is stunningly beautiful. Just sayin’ 😀

What are you waiting for? Go try and comment your experience and you may even state what you have bought. If this doesn’t work for you, comment and I’ll answer ASAP.

Thanks and read my KPOP reviews! Hahahha k


Works as of April 25, 2014. I’ll update this whenever there are changes.


11 thoughts on “[EXPLOIT] Happy Street: FLOOZ and GOLD (Working as of JUNE 06,2018)

  1. Thank you very much! It works for me.
    At first, i bought something with golds coz i’m afraid if it not works:D
    Now i’m focuses to gain my flooz and golds so i can buy another good stuff 😀
    Khamsahamnida ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • cheon maneyo 😀 I did this before but it somehow took the FUN on earning flooz, So, after I bought everything I stopped doing the exploit and earn money/flooz the LEGAL way haha I just wanted to buy the Themed Houses.

      P.S you’re a KPOp fan too? 😀


      • I want to buy some flooz, but my mom said “why don’t you collect flooz by yourself? Keep your money for another stuff, it’s just a game.” And suddenly a dark clouds appear above my head lol xD
        I’m searching on internet about hacking tool but it took so many requirements 😦
        I try to fulfill Pepin’s offer to gain flooz 😀
        Yes, im Kpop fan, Exofans and Sone ^^

        Can i ask your username?
        Mine: arleneskye , red crystal 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sorry, I dont play online as I dont have WIFI connection all the time. You want to Get the other crystals? Go do the Flooz Trick and Expand your Forest to the left (if this does not work, extend on the other side) about 5 times, you will unlock the other crystals there. 🙂


          • Oh, okay 😀 yes, i want to get another crystal because my friends always send me red crystal request 😦
            I thought 1 person only have 1 crystal , there’s only 1 sacred stone in the forest, but if you said so, i’ll try to expand 😀
            Thanks again, Flooz Trick really made my day ><

            p.s. : what is your favourite k-pop group? 😀

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Works great, but it doesn’t work for using flooz to complete quests or exchanging flooz for gold. Also doesn’t work for speeding up times for actions other than construction.

    Liked by 1 person

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