Sacred Underworld MOD: Seraphim Recolors! :D


Click to Download from Mediafire.

Oh How I love Modding!

I was also the creator of the “Avalon’s Pride” MOD for the Seraphim (Like, that was 4 Years ago).
Go Check out my Youtube Channel for Some of My Creations.

What does this Mod do?
You can now change her Color Scheme with a single Drag-n-Drop. No other tools needed. Just paste and play.

Copy The contents of the SERA Folder of your choice to the PAK folder. You can interchange them though. Like, you can have a Brunette SERA with a Pink Bra or Black Panties.
It’s your choice 🙂

How Do I uninstall this mod?
Haha, you don’t. But if you really really need to, just remove the copied files from the PAK folder and your life will be incomplete once again.

Thanks for downloading!


2 thoughts on “Sacred Underworld MOD: Seraphim Recolors! :D

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