Alice White “Baby Like That” Review: Excellent song; Generic MV

alice-white-baby-like-that-bing-bing-bing (9)


WTF Youtubers are proclaiming that this song is shit. It’s not shit, it’s THE SHIT(that means good BTW).
I don’t know if the song’s name is Bing Bing Bing or Baby Like that. Let’s go with Baby Like That.

alice-white-baby-like-that-bing-bing-bing (4)

The intro(well the whole instrumental to exact) sounds like the song which goes “It’s all about you you you yuo,
It’s all about me me me me, we don’t care ’bout nobody” or something like that. Too lazy to search the Title. That’s why my first impression of the song is it sounds like a song from Selena Gomez/Taylor Swift/any other female pop singer.
The voices are alright but the one member that stood out for me was her:

alice-white-baby-like-that-bing-bing-bing (7)

There is no problem with their pronounciation of english . It’s just that the song’s english grammar is wrong.
“What Time is now?” —> Wut? I heard “The time is now” and it sounds a lot better and grammatically correct .

alice-white-baby-like-that-bing-bing-bing (5)
The “Baby Baby Like that” somehow sounded sexual for me at first listen Especialy the ” Ooh I Baby Baby Like that”.
You like WHAT? Anyways it’s a great song for my standards. The Pink-haired girl’s parts are the best. She may become my bias, eventually.

alice-white-baby-like-that-bing-bing-bing (8)

Overall Score: 8 out of 0 “Like thats”.

Best parts of the songs:
0:40 – 1:00 = The Part after the rap of the ugliest member/twin sister of TINT’s Mirim.
1:30 -1 :50 = I really like hte pink-haired girl’s voice especially her “Arajulgeee~” line. She isn’t trying too hard like Girls’ Day’s Minah (Really, Minah sounds like a cat that got stuck under a wheel.)
2:19 – Onwards = I Really like the Breakdown here and the “oh oh oh oh Oh” part. It sounded familiar but I can’t reme,ber from what song.

-Pink-haired girl
-Song is Excellent
-Decent Rapper
-Not much Aegyo in the song

-MV could have been better
-Mirim’s Sister (The Rapper)
-The song needed a punch to sound more catchy
-Why is their name Alice White?

Maybe the names of their fans are Bunnies or some shit. Because When I hear alice, I think of Hello Venus or Wonderland.

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