[HACK / EXPLOIT] Use PowerAmp forever! (No Unlockers/tools needed) 2018


12/4/2017  Changed The Title for faster searching 


I found a solution/bypass to the 2-Week limitations of the trial version. No tools needed, just your brain (if present) and your phone.

I can’t guarantee this would work on all devices but this worked on my Cherry Mobile SparkTV twice.

First Step: After you are unable to enter the Music player to choose your songs, go to Settings then Applications.

Second Step: Open Manage applications and scroll down to The Poweramp and click “Clear Data”

Third Step: This step is not required but it may not work if you don’t do this. If your poweramp is installed in the Internal Storage, move it to SD card or Vice Versa.

Fourth Step: After doing so, clear again the Data just to be sure. Then Restart. You may even move it to Internal/SD Card before restarting just to be sure 😀

When you boot up your phone, poweramp’s trial will start again from the beggining (The welcome screen will show up like it was a fresh install of PowerAmp). The only downside is that your playlists/settings/etc will all get erased. Well, Atleast we could use Poweramp forever. Right?

You may link this post to share it to the world hahaha. Comment if you want to ask questions 🙂


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