Billion “Dancing Alone” REVIEW: Let’s all Dance—Together!

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (1)

A New Rookie group released their debut Single “Dancing Alone”
From the album “Remove Before Flight” (I Don’t get it).

There are a LOT of similarities from other groups. Read on to find out.

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (13)
At first listen, The sounded waaaaay like generic-western songs. But After a while, I kept singing the Chorus especially the
“Oh eh oh Oh Eh oh I’m Dancing all alone” part. Even the MV looks like it was made in America and it’s good that the production isn’t cheap unlike other Rookie Entertainment Agencies.

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (12)

I’m giving you the Privilege to Caption this one XD

The first segment that caught my attention was the Rap of the Blonde girl. It’s so monotone that It’s catchy enough to sing rap along with. BTW, The Blonde one doesn’t look Korean but more of a Filipino-ish kind (YAY! I wonder when will a Filipino join a KPOP group?).

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (6)

My Next Fave part was the Dance Battle between Billion and some random Male dancers.

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (1)

I Really Really Really Really love the “So, Im Dancing” line. I wouldn’t have liked the song one bit if it weren’t for that. But my complaint was why Billion did not do some hip-hop dance like their Male counterpart. I prefer Female groups jumping around while vigorously Dancing (FIESTAR comes to mind).

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (5)

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (8)

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (10)

Now, Every great song has its flaws like the Dubstep breakdown we hear in “Dancing Alone”. Why dafaq was that in there for? Only one member showed off her moves for about 3 seconds then some random dudes started dancing in their place. It’s a good thing the Official MP3 didn’t include that part. Overall, it’s a DECENT song with a somehow DULL MV. The Fireworks didn’t do anything. Definitely gonna be on my Playlist but will get skipped most of the time when I’m not in the mood to Dance Alone 🙂

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (17)

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (9)

WTF is “Watch time GOSE”?

-Music Video’s Cinematography is Excellent
-Song is Catchy
-Dance isn’t too complicated
Rap Segment

-Dubstep Breakdown
-Storyline, was there any?
-Their Voices all sounds the same except for the rapper
-Album Cover
Rap Segment

BONUS! Here are some Lookalikes/ Similarities I noticed :

Billion-Dancing-Alone-GLAM-Party-XXO-Similarities =yeah


Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (Ladies-Code)

Billion-Dancing-Alone-Remove-Before-Flight (AOA-Seolhyun)

Thanks for Reading 😀
Comment if you wanna Dance alone XD


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