My thoughts on Cheska leaving FIESTAR

Still not acceptable! :/

WHAT?! But they were just to comeback this April? I salute LOEN for making a clear and definite statement about this. But Really? They are becoming more popular because of their Latest comeback, I Don’t Know (Amugeotdo Mollayo)

Our 4-D Rapper will be missed. Tch, If I was their CEO I would pay her double just to stay..

We Just Celebrated her Birthday! I wonder how the Fans whose BIAS is cheska would feel right now. She isn’t my Bias but I like her personality and her being there , smiling.

Maybe she was thinking of the future? I know you can’t get rich being a KPOP idol ( unlike exo, snsd, 2ne1 and all those from Big companies) until you’ve become popular. Like that one member from Dal Shabet chose to be a weather forecaster/model.

Maybe she wasn’t close with the members? I do know is that Cao Lu and Cheska are close after watching that We Don’t Stop MV Making film. I need to know her reason. If she’ll be returning to alabama, I’m gonna find her and befriend her. We need our Cheska 😦

But still, It’s her choice. Let’s continue on supporting her and FIESTAR!

No matter what, FIESTAR will always be a 6-membered group for me. When I’ll watch their future performances I’m just gonna imagine Cheska watching with the audience ❤


“I’m gonna miss you Guys! Keep Supporting Fiestar! ❤ “

Reading that caption with the GIF and having a sad,mellow song in the background made me tear up 😦


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