Due to the hate they’re getting, I’m officially a M.O.A (Motion of Arts) Stan :)


CLICK FOR HD GOODNESS. The Orange-haired girl is Way+Choa from Crayon POP

M.O.A Have been receiving lots of hate recently with their debut. I actually agree but after seeing their live performances, I was enlightened. Their Facial reactions all show that they are happy with what they are doing. I see determination in them. I’m one of the few fans that will support them until the end. I Love M.o.A! Still, the huge guy creeps me out and makes me puke in my mouth  🙂

I’ll ask you, wouldn’t you love a rookie group if they all look Pretty (in and out)?


Hyena just became my BIAS in this group! ❤

1897958_1470866626469717_1023055551_n (1)

She’s so Pretty! I bet She’s the Visual. Heck, they gave her 60% of the lines during their Live Performances. Don’t believe me? Watch Them on youtube.


She reminded me of Hyosung albeit prettier and more realistic. Miba, I think?


I loved this Performance. It’s like they’re in space with stars and shit.

Are you a Member of Asia Motion of Arts Fan too?


Feel Free!

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