I’m Still Supporting M.O.A (Motion of Arts) Even though Their MV Gave me a Headache.

MOA I’ll Call ya 1st Single Album Cover.

Many People are hating on them for Their Cheap MV and Cheap song. For me, I actually Like The Song and the dance. I just don’t understand why their Company’s name is “Professional Entertainment”. There is nothing Professional with The MV for I’ll Call ya. To add, 3 of the other members are useless. The Girl with the Pink Hair is my Automatic Favorite. The Rapper is Good but her voice is somehow Squeaky. The rest, I don’t even know how they look because of the sudden camera shifts. The Only Shitty part of the song is the Chorus. The Dance Breaks, Rap and the verses are decent. I found myself dancing to the sudden Dance Breakdown every time I play this on my Phone. If they Only had a higher budget for their Debut. Still, I’m rooting for them!

Overall Score: 3/5

They Even released a Version 2 of the Song. But you know what disappointed me again?

vlcsnap-2014-02-27-14h29m23s29 vlcsnap-2014-02-27-14h29m32s99

Really? Is this MV a BTS? Shit.

Still, I love the girl singing the chorus. ❤


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