KISS&CRY “Domino Game” Mini Review


I can say that KISS&CRY may be the Best Female Rookie of this year. All of the Members can sing and they all look pretty. Their Choreography is nice too except for the boring chorus.

One Girl Looks Like Vice Ganda:

vice-ganda vlcsnap-2014-01-29-16h56m09s146

The Song Sounds like Beyonce’s End of time which is another proof that Koreans are sometimes unoriginal. I’m Guessing the chubby girl is the maknae? I dunno, I still don’t know their names. With a name “Kiss&Cry”, I’m sure many people would have trouble finding their live performances.

vlcsnap-2014-01-29-16h59m14s234She’s Bringing sexy “back”.  XD

The MV was basic with nice camera angles and individual shots. The only flaw in this group is one of the member’s nose:


Woah, She looks like a condor that can sing:


Compare these two:.


I See minimal differences.

But still, A very solid debut. I wish them luck for the future!


Overall Score: 8/10




-Condor Nosed Girl.

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2 thoughts on “KISS&CRY “Domino Game” Mini Review

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