My own thoughts about Rule/Act Deontology and Utilitarianism.

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Act Utilitarian:
An “Act Utilitarian” is someone who thinks more of the consequences. So I presume that An Act
Utilitarian will prefer Proposal #2. It was stated that they need to lay off 5% off the total workforce to
ensure stability with the remaining 95%. They will eventually send a message to wall street that they
are going to do everything to make their company stable. They chose the Proposal that would benefit a
greater portion of the employees. As long as the company is earning, it’s okay for them to lay off some
Rule Utilitarian:
A“ Rule Utilitarian” is someone who decides with the help of moral rules. A rule utilitarian will surely
pick Proposal #1. He/she judges the outcome in general and without biases. Even though the
Employees’ salaries will be frozen for about six months and there would possibly be a 5% deduction,
They will not be removed from the company. Yes, They will have a lower salary but think of the future.
The Company may be stable again in due time and everyone will be happy:)

Act Deontology:
Someone who follows “Act Deontology” states that there are no firm ethical rules to be followed when
making ethical decisions. Similar with Act Utilitarian, An Act Deontologist will be highly in favor of
proposal #2. If a company is in a state that they have more expenses than income, the common thing to
do is layoff some of their employees to lessen their debts or payables. It’s not the company’s fault that
they are losing and they have the obligation to do what they think is best for the company.

Rule Deontology:
A Rule-deontologist follows a rule that is universally binding (Or equal) to every employee without any
exception and biases. So If I’m a Rule-deontologist, I Am sure to pick Proposal #2. Laying off some of
my employees would be fair to those who would remain. But what is it for those whose contract will be
terminated? It wouldn’t be unfair as some benefited from another one’s loss.
Seriously talked about, Me and my group mates chose Proposal #1. It is a little bit plausible without
terminating any employee. Six months may be long but we must always think of the long run. At least
no one got fired. The Deduction is in a minimal amount and will not greatly affect their monthly salary.
By: Sev-Ryan Badiong
Thanks for reading! pips


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