Dal Shabet “B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)” REVIEW

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (25)

I Had to use the Subbed version because that’s the version I have on my phone . 🙂

I’m Back! School has never been so tiring . Ten Projects, 3 Examinations and an individual defense all in one week. Anyways, Let’s get on with the Review! :

dal_shabet_big_baby_babyGa in?

I never cared about Dal Shabet until I heard “Have, Don’t have” (which is, btw, My first Dal Shabet Song). I really loved that song when it was released. After that, I watched the rest of their MV’s on youtube and was not disappointed.

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (15)She looks like a Character from a cartoon. I forgot what’s her name. Lazy to google that shit.

Supa Dupa Diva, Mr. Bang Bang, Hit U , Bling Bling, Pink Rocketh and Be Ambitous were all Catchy (song and dance). I heard Mr. Bang Bang on the radio here int The Philippines(we all know that SM groups are the only that gets known in here except for 2NE1 and 4Minute) and was shocked and happy that a group other than EXO or super junior is getting recognition.
There’s just one thing common in all Dal Shabet Songs:
You need to listen to it more than once to actually start liking it. And when you listen to it, you’ll get hooked and will replay the song all the time.

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (30)Come Back to me baby!

Main Review:

I Read lots of reviews about B.B.B on the net and many stated that the intro sounded like Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams. I myself  thought the same. When Me and my Friend watched the MV, We both said “The intro sounds familiar…hmm”. Anyways, It’s just an intro. The Song itself is okay. Nothing Spectacular but is still worth listening to. I just felt awkward at Ka Eun’s ” I wanna get your Body tonight”. The lyrics is similar to their last single, Be Ambitious. Are they craving for Sex? Maybe.

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (13)Ka Eun is obviously enjoying this. U go girl.

The Stages are boring and none of them stands out. But the Non-Dance scenes are actually nice. Specially when the members are all inside those white boxes and on the floor lying down.
I just noticed during the Box scenes the framerate somehow decreased. It looked kinda choppy but that’s a good thing. It Adds some spice to the completely bland MV.

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (17)Yep. She looks perfecly normal. 🙂

Lots of people on youtube said that the Video cuts to another scene quickly. For me? It’s actually not that fast or I’m just used to watching T-ara MV’s.

I never actually cared about Woohee as she took most of the Screen time in Mr.Bang Bang, But I actually liked her here. But She looks to darn cute to be doing a sexy concept. Her Face is so adorable at this part:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (26)Woohee should do cute concepts instead of flashing her jigglies.

The Other members look stunning as well. But There’s something different with Serri At this part:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (6)I Loved this bit. But not her face.

Her face looks different and crooked. But it was just the make-up as she looked good at this part:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (7)Side view all the way!

To Sum it all up, Big Baby Baby is a very decent comeback that needed something in it to stand out. I actually found myself singing the “Big Baby” and “Big Baby, Baby” parts than the rest of the song. Ka Eun’s Rap is flawless and can be a Tongue Twister. That Means good in Kpop Rapping. Thank God they gave Ah Young a chance to sing. Her voice sounds similar to Sulli from f(x). And We all know how sulli is a bitch.

The MV was basically this:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (29)

And the MV needed more of this:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (28)Even Woohee herself has lost it.

-Ka Eun’s RAP
-More Lines for Ah Young an Ka Eun
-Sparkly Eyebrows
-Serri’s “Come Baekhyun me baby” XD
-Box Scene
-Diaper Dance Step ( as stated by a random youtuber)
-Disco Dance Break at 0:16
-Big Baybeh Baybeh

Boring MV Sets
-No Storyline
-Generic Lyrics
-Few memorable Dance Steps

Thanks for Reading! Here is Sparkly Eyebrow’D JiYul:

dal_shabet_big_baby_baby (3)She’s staring directly at your soul. Be aware.


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