AOA “Miniskirt” Review: Too Much ASS

aoa_miniskirt (30)

I have been a Fan of AOA since their Debut. Elvis was a rocking song and Get Out was so Generic Girl Group song that did it right. I actually heard fellow schoolmates playing “Get out”. My little sister isn’t into KPOP but “Get Out” actually made her into a fan. She even memorized the whole dance. Speaking of Dance, The Dance Practice Version of Get out reached about One million Views. Almost half of views of the main MV. Anyways, Let’s go to the review.

aoa_miniskirt (22)aoa_miniskirt (23)

Too bad for Chanmi. She doesn’t even get that much lines. Now, the other members are stepping on her.

Main Review:
The Teaser got me Hyped and when the MV Came out, My expectaions were not only met but were exceeded. The song is addicting as hell. The Dance? Too much. Too much that it’s BAD. I Know Chanmi is the maknae and she is still under eighteen. I am sure she felt akward doing this and “confused” (their last single). What’s up with all the Sexy Concepts lately?:

Fiestar – Cute + Sexy (Minimal, Not over the top)
Dal Shabet – Sexy without revealing clothing
Girls Day – Sexy but only one leg isn’t covered.
Rainbow BLAXX – isn’t released but judging from the teaser, it will be Super Rated +19

aoa_miniskirt (16)Shit just got serious.

And Now, AOA. Sexy Concept with Miniskirts with side zippers to make it even more short. I Feel bad for Chanmi. Get out was a better concept . They are moving away from the band concept and becoming your typical girl group. OH, I forgot about the Lyrics. It’s a 100% copy of Dal SHabet’s Be Ambitious. It’s about a  Wanting to get noticed by their boyrfiend. To do so, They need to wear Miniskirts and stockings. Very Cheap. And I am a male saying this.

aoa_miniskirt (24)She looks old in this scene

But if you just listen to it without the MV and knowledge of the lyrics, The song is actually great. I loved it more than Confused and thank FNC for better line distribution. I’m not a Fan of Chanmi but I like members who get less lines. (Like Cao Lu from Fiestar). I Still don’t know how Seolhyun’s voice sounds like. Minah, Jiminel, ChoA and Yuna’s voices are all distinguishable except for her.

aoa_miniskirt (20) I love this part 🙂

The Song was Anti-climatic. When they brought in the chairs, I expected something great. But it ended so soon. Even my female friend said towards the end “What? That’s it? What a letdown”.

Did anyone notice the pussy at the end? What’s the point in including that cat scene? To gain views because Cats are popular on the internet. Nice thinking, FNC 😀

aoa_miniskirt (12) aoa_miniskirt (14) aoa_miniskirt (15)Goodbye Jimin and your Awful rapping.

Overall Score: 7 out of 10

A Nice song to listen to. Just don’t ever dare to search for the lyrics. It cannot be unseen. I’m not sure if this will win awards but it has the potential. I just wish the dance wouldn’t get banned on live shows. Seoulhyun can’t attend because of her injury and I Don’t want the whole group to be unable to perform.

aoa_miniskirt (13)“I Broke my Leg!” – Seoulhyun

-Equal Distribution of lines
-Catchy Chorus, heck the song is Catchy as a whole
-Chanmi singing
-Minah Rapping again
-Dance is nice but is too ASS-y

-Jimin Hair
-Jimin Rapping
-Awkwardness in some scenes
-Lacking ending.
-Boring Sets


Thanks for Reading! Here is Pretty Chanmi for you 🙂

aoa_miniskirt (10)


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