T-ara “Hide And Seek” Review: Better than Miracles in December


Hello! I love making reviews soooo… here’s another one!

T-ara Released a follow up single titled “Hide and Seek” together with it’s MV and album.

First and foremost, this has got to be the best pop(?) ballad I’ve heard this year. I just want to sing along with them and boram. Yes, Boram sings the first part of the Chorus and her voice is not that bad, but good 🙂

The Album Cover is shit though. I think I encountered that Santa Claus Before:

t-ara-to-release-hide-and-seek-on-december-14Crayon Pop’s Album Cover maker may have worked on this too.

The MV was rather simple but full of emotions. Even Soyeon was likeable here. The Video is in Black and white and red. Like in Hyosung’s solo dance part in “Talk That”. I Like how the red gives of a christmas feel but the song is in a sad tone. So they paired it with Black n white. As usual, Jiyeon got the most screen time and even ad-libbing Qri’s parts. I don’t like how they autotuned Qri’s “tukk tukk” though. They make it look like Qri can’t sing. She can, but not as great as Godly Boram.

Anyways, The song is very excellent for the cold December. When I heard Soyeon’s line that ended with “geoni” I was like, “where did I hear that tone Before?”. It sounded so familiar with the high note..hmmm
The Verses are catchy for a ballad song. Especially the Kkok Kkok parts. I was sure that there would be rap part for hyomin near the end. I was right but I don’t know if it can be considered as a rap. For once I actually heard their Real voices. In Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly, Sexy Love and other HIT singles their voices are way too forced to be cute. But in “Hide and Seek”, I even LOVED Soyeon’s nose voice. She’s still boring as fuck though.

Overall Score: 8/10

No Autotune needed for Qri and a ballad. Prove to her fans that she can sing. Video could have been better. But the song is Perfect as it is. If they continue to make this kinds of songs, I would forget they were Bullies. Good thing Ahreum left T-ara as Boram wouldn’t get a chance to sing. Listen to the other songs in the album! The song that goes “Hey everybody come help me now!” is addicting and has a Disco beat to it near the middle of the song. I’m gonna stop promoting now.


-Hyomin solo Rap(?)

-Goddess Boram singing the Chorus

-Kkok Kkok and Tukk Tukk


-Video is simple but not boring



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