Happiness Charge Precure is Here! Happy 10th Anniversary!

gwxaXQgDem 90’s Feel.Yeaaa

As a long time Precure Fan, I am quite shocked that it reached 10 years. Most of my friends say “What’s that? Sailor Moon?”. No. Not all anime girls in costumes is sailor moon. I never even watched that show. Anyways, I’m 50/50 with the designs. But I was glad that they are having Alternate forms:


Even the names are Edible! Cherry Flamenco, Lollipop Hiphop (loving this one), Sherbet Ballet and Macadamia HuLa Dance! I wonder how they are going to incorporate the Dancing theme the show is supposed to have. I would Like the Blue cure (her name is Cure Princess) to possess the Lolipop Hiphop but no. The leader should be the one to be Overly Active. This is the first Time I actually liked a Blue cure. Because my Ultimate Bias in Precure is Cure Melody:

Cure Melody soloThat Smile kills me Every time. Oh! She has blue eyes so she is obviously a Blue cure. Silly me Haha XD

Cure Fortune has the Same Hairdo as Cure Melody So i instantly Liked her. Cure Lovely isn’t lovely at all. She should be Named “Cure Bland” (like her bangs).

Can’t wait how the OP/ED will look and sound like. Can’t wait for February! DokiDoki is Fine but I think HaCha (this is the acronym they use in Precure.Livjournal) will be TEN times better. 🙂

What Do you think? Leave a Comment Below!


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