My Boo 1.8 Christmas Update : Best Virtual Gift Ever!

MyBoo Picture 11The Happiness cannot be controlled in this one.

Remember my Previous post About MyBoo? I ranted on how we aren’t able to put ears ontop of hair or vice Versa.
But the Gods pitied me and Told TAPPS to get their shit together and update the game. In The 1.8 Release of the game, hair
and ears are now in their respective categories Maybe foreseeing the future is my innate ability. Who knows? Well, I do.

Butt wait We got some new content as well:

-New Feet and arms
-New NOSE Category (pig,chicken,cow)
-New KPOP-Styled Eyelashes (Smokin’ hot)
-Christmas Themed Costumes/Clothing (Santa hat, Santa Beard,Gift box)
-Body Pattern(Cow, zebra(?)
-New Hats (Elven, earmuffs, frog, etc.)

MyBoo Picture 10

-New Wall and Floor tiles
-Rugs, Wall and Floor Decorations are now Available (Fixed position though)

-Christmas Themed Foods (Turkey, Hot Coco, Ice Cream?)
-Boo-Bounce: Just a Basic Trampoline. It’s Shit actually. Boo-Rope FTW

Am I the only one who got a Golden Poop? Only Encountered it once . I wasn’t planning on cleaning it
but my Sister did it for me. Thanks a lot. Good thing I took a Screenie when I First Saw it.
MyBoo Picture 3
The Loading Times/Startup/Lag has somehow been remedied. The Delay went down from one second to half a second.
Much Improve. So Good. Wow.

I Think TAPPS has viewed My Review on My Boo and decided to take action. Well, Maybe not…But still:)
Thanks For Reading! Read my other Reviews!


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