FIESTAR “I Don’t Know” MV Review: Best Song of the Year

FIESTAR-I Don't Know-Sevpoots

Fiestar is Now under Collabodaddi

(we like to party. Sorry, just had to do it XD),

A Sub-Label of LOEN. But their videos are and still gonna be uploaded to Loen‘s main channel.

UPDATE:  Click here to view the unused scenes of CHESKA in their I Don’t Know Music VIDEO.

I Have been a fan of Fiestar since they released their Cover of Shinee‘s Lucifer and Vista. Damn, these girls can not only sing but can also dance ! They sing Pretty good on Live Shows too. Especially Linzy, Even though I’m not a fan of her. Yezi was my Bias when I first watched the Performance Version of Vista. I was in Awe when she sang the first verse AND the Rap. The song Ranked High on charts, Proving that they have a very well polished debut.

Vista’s Letdown:
Cao Lu has few Lines in Vista.

We Don’t Stop was my jam even until now. It was a very Nice Dance song but it was underrated because it meshes 3 or 4 songs into one. The song can be described as empowering, the constant “We Don’t Stop Now” is very addicting and I found myself screaming “Oooh Oh OH We Don’t Stop NOW ” way too often. Yezi’s Rap was Awesome and the beat was so intense you just want to dance along. Yezi was proven to possess vampire blood because of the last line in her rap. What the hell is a “NoVeeVont”? Haha . k

We Don’t Stop’s Letdown:
Cao lu has Few lines (again) in We Don’t Stop.

In Fiestar’s I Don’t Know, Cao lu has Few, no wait, ONE line that she repeats throughout the
song. But She was pretty and dorky and that’s enough for fans to love her. She became my Bias when I watched some of their Uploads on LOEN channel. For someone her age, she acts so childish. The kind that makes you smile, not cringe. Goodbye yezi, Cao Lu is now My Favorite 😀

Best Cao Lu Line :

“I’m Cao Ruuuu~”

Cao Lu


This has got to be the BEST SONG OF THE YEAR (for me, atleast) . Watching the teaser and hearing The Tune of Ten little Indians, I just *died*.
When I Watched the Whole MV, I was like –> (0_o)? to —-> <3<3<3
The Perverted Humor was not needed but it made the Video Standout. I Love the Part where the Ten Little Indian Song Came in and the Camera was zooming on jei’s bewbs. That’s some great shit right there. Can you imagine a P*rn Video’s Soundtrack includes Ten Little Indians? That will sell millions. I’d Buy it XD

We Experience times when the Verses of KPOP songs sounds Great until the chorus kicks in. This is not one of those times. The Chorus was The Best part in the song. It’s actually a Tie between The Hook and the Chorus. The Instrumental of the Last Chorus actually gave me a Disney feel to it. Listen to the last chorus after Hyemi’s (the hammie looking girl) solo.
I Felt a part of me just became more Alive. You know? Like you just want to go and Reach for your dreams aaaaaaaaaand I’m getting out of point. To Summarize it up, The Song has been on Repeat for the past few years. (in KPOP, a week is equal to a year). The Talent Show Dance (jei’s part) is very eye catching. I was Watching that part and all of my friends said that bit was cute and everyone was doing it. 🙂

Overall Score: 9.9/10
SUPERB Comeback!

This Cutesy, BubbleGum, sexy, smexy, kawai, jjangbak, Daebak song Can catch your hearts and make Every single on of you Boram Fans fall in Love with each member of Fiestar. Their Charms can penetrate your heart and kill you. The end.

haha That was a joke but hey, Nothing’s impossible 😉

LET’s FIESTAR!! Please Support them as they are my Favorite Rookie group. ’nuff said.


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HAHA! Jei has no Solo shot in this Scene so I’ll give you Jei’s “Why so Stiff?”

vlcsnap-2013-11-17-21h43m53s93Naneun Amugoetdo Mollayo ~!

Oh, one more thing I noticed about Cao lu. At the Ending dance where Jei is singing the “Han bon du beon se bon” part, Cao lu crossed her arms once. It should be right-on-top then left-on-top. She did right-on-top twice. Go watch it. haha