The Net (1995) Movie Reflection

Main Cast:
Sandra Bullock as Angela Bennett/Ruth Marx
Jeremy Northam as Jack (stalker)

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Brief Summary of Sandra Bullock’s “The Net” :

Angela Bennett is a Computer Software Anaylst who spends most of her lifetime inside her house. When She went to mexico for her vacation, a man named Jack befriended her for some “unfriendly” reason. Angela had received the Disc that jack needs in order to fulfill his desires. Jack tried to take the Disc and kill her but Angela escaped but got caught numerous times. Jack

being knowledged in Computer software hacking, hacked the system and changed all of Angela’s data to Ruth Marx. She now fights to save her life and identity from being taken from her.

Mini Reflection:

The first scene was already intriguing . I Did not know technology in ’95 was that “techie”. I read that the internet was just starting
during that year. So I was held back a bit, “Ganyan na ba talaga kagaling ang computers dati?” I asked myself.

The Story was Actually very intense. I never thought that a movie titled “The Net” would include 40 minutes of non-stop running and shooting. Some of the scenes were very AWE-inducing. As usual, every movie ending , the main actor gets happy happy ending and she was able to save her Identity..and her life.
For me, the movie could have been more interesting if she couldn’t get her real identity back. The Irony 🙂
Now, to correlate this with Cyber ethics. It was wrong for Angela Bennet to give her Address
(I can’t remember but there was a point in which she gave personal info to her chatmate).
It’s acceptable that she used a Screen name but giving her
complete address could mean trouble. Because the Diskette, containing the data, was sent to her and she even said her
complete address. Because of this, she was easily tracked by jack. Of course no one would suspect that you can get
hunted by putting your address. Even myself, I put my
Complete address in FB and some sites. Angela didn’t think clearly what would be the consequences.

The other thing she did wrong is talk to someone she does not know. I know, I know. That is the reason why Online Chatting is made. But Angela
did not even see any picture about her chatmate (who was planning to take her down) nor any background about him.
In the end, It’s all about ignorance. We can never really be TOO sure/safe.
Even I put everything in my Facebook account EXCEPT my contact number.
I’ve experienced putting it in and lots of people texted me for different reasons.
To end my reflection, One rule to follow is Never give information
to a person you don’t know. That is the most common thing that people forget.
Having an Admirer feels great. A stalker though, not much.


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