MyBoo Android Game Review

MyBoo Picture 6

Read My Review on the 1.8 Release of the Game!

Based on the 1.7 Release of the game.
Hello Netizens!  This is my first GAME review so bear with me 🙂

MyBoo. At first I thought that the “boo” is referring to “Love”. You know, in those american songs. My other guess is that you pet somehow resembles a ghost. Booo~ (yep, corny as hell)

Now, Onto the Review!

Gameplay: 4 out of 5

MyBoo is similar to Pou (which is a game of the same genre) but with a better GUI and replayability. I spent 30 Minutes playing then quit, then play again after some time. You Can name it, give it’s birthdate and birthplace too. Screenies can be taken anywhere except when playing
games or in the shop. It can capture anything your Boo is doing.

For Example:

MyBoo Picture 30 MyBoo Picture 24

Compared to Pou, MyBoo is more of a Kids game. Like the creator of the game said “Boo is an EDUCATIONAL KIDS GAME”.
Yeah, this game is aimed for kids ages 3 and below.

(like they know how to use iphones and shit).
The minigames are rather simple yet somehow enjoyable. Try to play the “Booblegum” game without getting startled.
Damn bees popping my pretty bubbles. grrr

And just a tip, when you poke your Boo you can earn coins too. The maximum I could get is about 20 coins.
Each poke = Different Animation = different amount of coins.            You can do this for like 9 times in a row or more then you need to
wait sometime again to replenish the coins given by your pet. Boo-ball and the boo-rope are like the two best mini  minigames in the game.
2 coins per poke. When playing the boo rope you can get as much 50 coins per succesful game. Better than Pou’s ” one tap one coin ” rule.

BooBall and Rope:

MyBoo Picture 26 MyBoo Picture 29

Content: 4 out of 5

My favorite aspect of MyBoo is the highly deep customization.
From a simple gelatin:

MyBoo Picture 15

To an anime character of your choice:

MyBoo Picture 16

You unlock clothing as you lvlUP. Better start saving up when you want your level 2 boo to wear a level 45 crown. You can unlock these items
for a Price. The only downside is that Hair and Animal ears are in the SAME Category which means you cant put hair on you pet rabbit. Well, shit happens.
Graphics and Animation: 5 stars
The black border around everything gives a very anime/child-ish feel to it. It’s actually a hit or miss. some may like it and some
may not. If you ask me, I love it 🙂

Your Boo’s appearance change depending on it’s current stats.

(Left to Right: Sleepy, Sick, Ultra Happy and Hungry)

MyBoo Picture 1 MyBoo Picture 2 MyBoo Picture 4 MyBoo Picture 31
The bit where your Boo poops is a total aegyo-fest. It may be the best thing in this game. When I first saw my Boo opening it’s
mouth and saying “uuungh”, I was like “Dafaq?” then the poop came out. I Literally lOl’d. Literally. Anyways, t’was cute.
Props to the person who thought of that tidbit. The poop also has a face, that yawns. yay
Sound and Music: 3 out of 5

Music is meh. I play with only the sound turned on. You can’t get enough of Boo’s voice. Makes me smile when I’m in the bathroom.
“yum” is the best audio file in this game.

Overall Score: 4

MyBoo is a very well Polished game with Lag here and there. What it needs is a better soundtrack and more gimmicks. Also, make it
attractive to players of all ages. I showed myBoo to 3 of my friends all of them said “It’s for kids” and other shit and that Pou is better.
Pou is fun but MyBoo is great.

-High Customization
-Easy earning of Coins
-MyBoo’s voice is jjangbak
-Lag. Usually when opening categories in the clothing shop and playing games.
-Repetitive minigames.
-Dull music
-Long Startup.
-Unable to put hair ontop of animal ears.
-unable to see hands(sometimes feet) when wearing full clothing

Thansk for Reading! Please Spread!


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